Lavender Took (lavendertook) wrote,
Lavender Took

A snowy evening

The woods are lovely, dark and deep . . .

These are the woods beside my building at 9 pm this evening. The snow and pinkish white sky keep the dark at bay on a blustery night.

It started snowing around noon, but not really sticking until 4 pm. I got off work early, met Ostra hanging out around my car in the garage and fed her some tartar treats, then drove out to the Amish market in Annapolis and got some yummies for the snowed in weekend. The drive back from Annapolis was stunning, as the trees and grass were just starting to hold the snow, but the roads were fine. When I went out to clear my car around 8 pm, my car already had 4 or 5 inches on it. We're getting a minimum of 2 feet of snow, and maybe 3 before it ends tomorrow night. I've got purring furry ballast bags strapped to either side of me, so I'm snug for riding it out.

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Tags: snow, trees, woods
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