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Snowed In

Sunset at blizzard's end. We got around 2 1/2 feet. But with the plowed piles as high as me, this snow will be staying around a long time.

The poor holly trees are bent under with the weight of the snow. I saw the top of one of the tall gangly pine trees we have here break off and crash to the ground. We were without power from the middle of last night until 6 pm this evening. I wasn't worried about freezing because the insulation in this cinder block building is very good, and I have plenty of flash lights, candles, and batteries, but I was worried about losing everything in my freezer, and was wondering if packing snow in it would be a good idea, and, you know, no internetz, so I'm very glad it was restored today.

One win today--there's been a rhythmic sound, like someone rocking a chair, or exercising, or bouncing a ball, that's annoyed me many an evening. I thought it was coming from above, but had no luck talking to the old man above. It was going on all morning, and I couldn't put up with it all day. I realized it may be coming from the walls, and tried the neighbors downstairs, and sure enough, their tween son was the culprit, bouncing a ball against the wall. His mom was lovely and he was contrite, and he won't be doing that anymore. Yay!!!

I dug out most of my car this evening, and am sure feeling it--I will sleep solid tonight, I expect. The snow was lighter than I feared, knowing it was a wetter snow than the December storm. I love snow's muffled blanket of sound at night, and the coating was sprinkled with silver glitter under the lamplight. A neighbor who works for the city came back from his plowing work on hardly any sleep from the night before and chatted the fun chatter of the over tired and told me about his cat Lulu, who sounds well loved.

I'm doubtful the roads will be cleared enough tomorrow for it to be safe for me to drive to New Carrollton to dig out the strays, so may have to wait until Monday on that. I doubt the gov't will be open on Monday and expect to be home--we'll see.

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