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When snow was pretty

Here are pics from Sunday morning after the first blizzard, back when I could say the word snow without including expletives.

So here's some fucking snow. Goddamn snow. Pretty in the trees, but on the street there are towering gray piles that will be taking up residence here until Memorial Day. Out on the street the last couple of days, it felt like being at the bottom of a lunar trench looking up, trying to catch a glimpse of the sky. OK, not quite, but you know, it kind of sucked. It's hard to maintain that childhood sense of glee for mountains of snow after you've been shoveling for days and driving on slick roads with obstructed vision at many intersections. Yes, I'm whining. Deal. :-P

I didn't get out until Monday to check on the strays. Ostra was out and about--I think she weathered the storm alone in the garage. The round upraised sewer entrance was completely buried, and in fact I didn't know exactly where it was. I took my best guess, and started digging out a passage and luckily struck it on the first pass, which was great because I did not have the strength to dig out the whole area. After I moved away from it, Ostra immediately went down the passage to check it out, which makes me think Brigit spent it down there. I suspect Ostra remembers being snowed in there in December and didn't want that happening again because she's wicked smart, but couldn't convince Brigit, who isn't, to stay up with her. A. hadn't made it out there, so I poured them a package of pounce. When I checked on them yesterday, Brigit showed up, which I was glad to see. I garnished their piles of pounce treats with sprigs of fresh catnip leaves for their "before the blizzard" meal. I hope they got stoned and weathered today's blizzard curled up together.

Today, I did not venture out at all. The blizzard winds were pretty fierce, and one gust had all 3 kitty heads turned at once to the window together. I was worried, but feel very lucky to have had my power stay on uninterrupted this time--thank you Pepco.

Here's more pics of dawn after the blizzard on Sunday, when snow was still pretty.

The middle car is mine--I got half it dug out after the snow stopped Saturday evening. You can get an idea of how high it is along the pathways into the building. I like that this pic caught some of the glitter on the snow, which you have to embiggen to see.

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