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The Search for Middle Earth: the Sequel

A National Squeeographic Special.

It all started when lbilover posted a google search that lead to Middle Earth, MD. Google it and you will see. Here's another view.

Saturday was as beautiful a spring day as you could wish for. ancalime8301 and I gathered our supplies and set off on a journey southeast around the Greenway Beltway and down through the Gap of Rohan Rt 5 to St Mary's County. We knew we were heading the right way when Howard Shore's Shire party music swelled just as a jet from the air show going on in the arena made a big circular con trail above us as we drove.

The land down there is pretty Shire-like, though more like the Westmarch because of being on the water. So we drove down to the end of Clark's Mill Rd, without seeing anything noticeably rabidly fannish Middle Earthy. I stopped at a house at the end of the road where a couple of guys were sitting out and, pulling out my google print outs, asked them if they knew of the place we sought or of any crazed Tolkien fans in the area, but they claimed to know nothing. I still suspect their gazebo overlooking an inlet leading to the bay to be an inter-dimensional portal, but I couldn't very well investigate it with them there. We drove down one of the side roads, Mill Pond Road, to see if we could find any more well, any clues. The dolls got out and looked around a bit.

Aragorn used all his tracking skills to find any clues, but either he found nothing or has declined to report what he found.

The hobbits wondered when we would go get lunch.

If we had only had the map I linked above, we would have gone down Nally Road, as this map seems to indicate to be the spot in the middle of a wooded lot. Perhaps on a future expedition. Thus the quest continues.

We then preceded a short way northeast to the Lonely Mountain Calvert Cliffs State Park for a lovely hike among the mountain laurels almost at peak, and out to a view of the bay. I took many pics there, but that will be for another Squeeographic special entry.

I also need to report on some other fun events of the past month--I started an update I never finished--soon.

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