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Waylaid By Vagrants

On my way home from an afternoon walk last Sunday, I was waylaid by vagrants as I approached my building. Furry vagrants to be exact. Hungry and affection starved furry vagrants, hanging out in the bushes.

The ginger boy ran right up when I called, his cali-gray tabby sister a little more reticent at first. I brought them down food and water and a fleece pad, and then called the town no kill shelter we have, left a message, threw out my evening plans of getting anything done, and sat out to wait upon their Adorablenesses for a while--a tough job, but I was up for the challenge.

They seemed to be about 5-6 months old siblings, totally socialized with meows, purrs, head butts, and lap cuddling skills, well bonded to each other, so obviously some awful human just dumped them.

The tiger girl is mostly gray tabby with a gorgeous amber necklace, nose, occasional spots, and in rings on part of her tail.

The ginger boy has the longest tail with a cotton ball white tip, and eyes that angle down on the outside corner so that when I went inside and looked through the glass door at them, he looked up at me with an expression of maximum patheticness that would do Shrek's Puss-in-Boots proud.

"Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close-up."

"Oh boy, I am, too!"

"I'm doing my sexy kitten look."

"Whut's a sexy kitten look? Do you have a piece of string I can play with?"
I love the shine in his eyes this pic caught.

I called the shelter again in the morning from work, and they came and got them. They have several younger kittens right now and say it's been slow at getting them placed, so I'm hoping these 2 won't have to wait too long before getting a home--they are a pretty perfect pair. Sooo cute and loving. They just need an available human in petting range of them to land a home.

I went and visited them in the clink after work on Wednesday, and the tabby girl was not at all skittish about affection and was happy to sit in my arms immediately, so being at the shelter is definitely better on their nerves than the great outdoors. They're getting neutered this weekend, and then will be let loose in a small room with 5 other adult cats, but it's got windows, and a cat climber, so not bad digs while they wait. If you know of anyone in driving distance of the DC area looking for a pair of kitties, please link them here.

My Not Quite Ready For Prime Time feral sisters at the metro garage are still doing well. After a year of spending a little time with them on my way home from work on each week day, we're making a little progress--I can pet Ostra a little, and she likes to touch her nose to my hand on greeting regularly, but she's still very skittish, so they're still only ready for a home with someone very patient and good with cats, or a barn situation. I've got lots of pics of them to share in future posts.

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