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Carroll County Peep Show

Happy birthday, ninjamidget66, a few days late!!!! Remember this?Hope you enjoy! (-:

Back in April, I went to visit [personal profile] mews1945, ninjamidget66, and lazarus_rising2 and they took me to see this most excellent display in Westminster: The Carroll County Peep Show. I think the entrants were mostly kids, and the subject matter of the dioramas varied, but let me show you:

UFO Abduction

Peep Hamlet: The Peeps the Thing

Protesting Peeps

Save the Chesapeep Bay

The Blob Coming to Peeporia

Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom

The Peepidents of the United States

There were also a few photoshopped paintings:

The Last Supper

The Anatomy Lesson

Jimi Henchix at the Monterey Peep Festival

Peep Side Story

Musical Theater Peep Show

20,000 Peeps Under the Sea

Carroll County Peeple's Library

If you're a glutton for further pun-ishment, I've posted some more pics here.

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