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Prodding the Press

If you have the spoons, we need to prod the press because they are lazy and myopic, and Trump's people know how to prod them, but Dem's aren't so good at it.

I just copied and sent that list of hate incidents with it's reference links compiled by momsrising.org that I posted here last night and sent it to the Washington Post under their contact email for story ideas. Maybe someone at that org has done that, but maybe not.

If you have the spoons, you can do the same with your regional or national news outlets of your choice by looking up their contact emails. It's worth a try. They're reporting on violence at anti-Trump rallies, but not presenting this info because it takes work and tracking to compile these incidents and make the connections.

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Just got this list of several incidents of violence and harassment happening all around the US from a momsrising.org email. Click on the first link under the cut to sign a petition calling on Trump to basically call off his dogs. The bottom links are to the sites listing the incidents. Pass on. Be vigilant, my friends.

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Triptych for Tree

Happy Birthday, lovethosehobbit!!! I hope it's a great one. Bet moving to the leftmost peninsula off the mainland of this country in a blue state never felt like a better idea! You are one smart woman! May it be the best birthday ever to start off a great year for you.

Here are 3 pics from the lake here for you, from a couple of weeks ago, when the world was still young:


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The Worst of the US Prevails

There are so many horrible and deplorable white people and misogynists in this country and they won last night.

And let's not fall for the classist narrative that a lot of the press is upholding. Do not ignore that statistics show that the backbone of Trump's support is the same as Republicans have always had--wealthy people of varying education levels, mostly white men and the women who love and are related to them, and their only concern is to not pay taxes. They do not care who gets thrown under the bus as long as they keep all their stuff. They are supported by poor white people who hope to be them one day, but they are not the backbone--the wealthy and well off are and they are very quiet about what they are doing. They do not attend political rallies--they make phone calls and transfer money.

We have to go on and look out for each other and those more vulnerable than us. It's going to be harder still for a while. The fight continues.

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Come on, come on, come on, comm on . . . excruciating.

Sorry, Fight Song just doesn't cut it. Listens to Le Tigre's I'm with Her again. Thank you to [personal profile] baranduin for first bringing it to my attention. This song really needs more play.

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A Mallorn in Every Shire

We are in need of magic today, so I went down to the lake at the day's last light and found the Lady of the Golden Wood had gifted my shire with a mallorn, and you can see its reflection in her mirror, an image of hope. We need that last light. As the Galadhrim of Lothlorien say, if the Sindarin here is correct, amin naa yassen he`.


That would be translated, of course, as "I'm with her" in the Common tongue.

May all our shires be gifted with golden trees of hope tomorrow. Sleep well, my flist. <3

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More October still

Our leaves peaked Friday and are past peak today. So there's as much brown and bare as color now, but there's still a lot of color and green still yet to turn. It's been a beautiful week here. This pic is from 2 weeks ago:


Cats: Tuxie is doing well. I succeeded in doing 2 blood glucose curves on him a couple of weeks back--the first day was really high, but he was just getting over whatever digestive upset he had--whether it was from a lot of bad food or a virus. The next day, his values were very normal and his tests at the vet went well, except for raised pancreatic values, like me and Moo had. I need to start spot checking him, but I wanted his ears to recover from the pin cushion I had made of them. It's been great to see him climbing both cat trees again and he's been a cuddle bun. Moo is still being a painfully slow eater who I have to monitor for a good hour or so in the morning and evening so her food doesn't get devoured by the Tuxie monster--good thing they're cute.

Health: I had a tooth pulled and just got the sutures out yesterday. In 3 weeks I'll have an implant put in. I'm on celebrex for my foot and pinched neck nerve pain. I've had a couple of podiatrist appointments, am sleeping with a night splint on my left foot, which is helping, and getting orthotics made. More appointments to go. The neuropathy in my left arm from the pinched neck nerve is still troublesome, but the celebrex is helping with the pain some. Unless it gets a lot better in the next couple of weeks, I'll probably need to do some traction therapy for it this winter to try to stretch the neck discs some, after I get through with the dentist and podiatrist. I'm just not sure what that's going to require time-wise and whether I'll have enough work leave time for it. The hot flash and anxiety problems are ongoing.

I met up with a science fiction meet-up group for lunch at the Museum of the American Indians cafe in DC. I had my first fry bread, but it wasn't hot, so not that good--will have to get fresher fry bread sometime. I even had breakfast at Denny's that morning for my full Thomas-Builds-the-Fire experience, but driving into DC made me nervous, and my anxiety level was a little high to make the day fun, what with the election and my personal chemistry. There were beautiful beaded clips in the gift shop that made me think of deluxvivens. I've been thinking of her quite a bit lately. I really miss her. Walks in the autumn beauty and framing pics of it, snuggling cats, and good novels remain the best medicine for me. And watching SNL election skits online really helps.

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The Last Light

So here's 2 of the pics I took this evening right before sunset. Which do you like better--the first one with the bit of water and sky or the closer one below? I can't decide.


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More Late Afternoon Autumn Light

I have so many comments to answer and posts to catch up on, but I'm trying to post an autumn pic each day for a while first. So here's today's:

Late afternoon golds with a splash of orange on the east end of the lake. I love that carved out old tree bole on the trunk to the left. You've seen pics of it before, and you'll see plenty more.

My apartment building is just surrounded by a riot of colors--the leaves seem to be peaking now. We've had a fair amount of brownout, but I think this is being the prettiest autumn we've had in this area for a few years. Just north and west of us seems to be a lot more brownout, as I observed on my drive to Westminster, but down here near the DC swamp lands in the Chesapeake, Potomac, and Anacostia basin, we're getting good fall colors. My commute along the eastern part of the Beltway has been gorgeous this week as well. Being out in this magnificence is the only thing that keeps the election panic at bay--cats and reading help as well--so I'm getting what walks I can between work and med appointments. I hope you're all hanging int here. *hugs you all*

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The Veil Lifted

The light of Autumn's last half hour before sunset is total magic where it falls on the trees around the lake. I went out a couple of evenings this weekend and caught it--it just takes my breathe away. I think this might be my best pic so far catching that light:

People think the impressionists and the romantic painters were making this stuff up, but all those colors are really there when the veil between the worlds is lifted and the Uttermost West is fleetingly in view before the earth turns to the dark of night.

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Senator Hillary Clinton voted to create a law that closed a tax loophole that had allowed robber barons like Trump to steal money from the American people. Pass it on.

The NY Times published a decent article on Trump's taxes today--something the media has spent little enough investigative reporting on while they keep reporting on the faux email scandal, so it's time they did so. Where are the human interest stories of all the people who lost jobs and homes and health because Trump stiffed them and stole their labor by not paying them, the way he stiffed the American people by not paying his fair share of taxes? I call this theft on a massive scale.

But there's an important factoid buried in this article: it begins with Trump's claim that Clinton never did anything to stop people like him from being able to avoid paying these taxes. Guess what? It isn't until the end of the article that he is proved a liar in this allegation--Senator Clinton voted to close just that loophole. She did! Here's from the first and last paragraphs of the article:

Donald J. Trump proudly acknowledges he did not pay a dime in federal income taxes for years on end. He insists he merely exploited tax loopholes legally available to any billionaire — loopholes he says Hillary Clinton failed to close during her years in the United States Senate. “Why didn’t she ever try to change those laws so I couldn’t use them?” Mr. Trump asked during a campaign rally last month.

In any event, Mr. Trump can no longer benefit from the same maneuver. Just as Congress acted in 1993 to ban stock-for-debt swaps by corporations, it acted in 2004 to ban equity-for-debt swaps by partnerships.
Among the members of Congress who voted to finally close the loophole: Senator Hillary Clinton of New York.

I understand the writers delayed presenting Hillary's vote to close the loophole to the end of the article to create a compelling narrative frame and clinch line at the end, which is piss poor journalistic writing! Between the first and last paragraph is an exploration of arcane tax law and many readers may not get to the important fact at the end.

This fact needed to be up front. Trump's repeated claim that Clinton did nothing about this tax law is a complete lie. She voted to close it. While Trump was hoodwinking us and his workers, Clinton was working to make things better for all of us. She did a good job. We need to let her keep doing a good job. Pass it on.

Then take a break and look at these pretty leaves I saw down by the lake here:


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Happy Halloween!!!

My trick'r'treating involved going to vote today, which was very satisfying to have done early. Here's hoping to get the treat and not the trick next week.

Those of you who have walked around Greenbelt Lake will remember that there is a house whose backyard is along the path where they put out lots of toys and decorations. They go all out for Halloween and have lots of interactive displays that move, light up, and have sound tracks that are triggered when you pass near them.

At dusk, many of the displays light up. The giant cat here has green light up eyes and the figure on the tombstone has red eyes.

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I'm reposting a long excerpt form Hillary's campaign chair John Podesta because what's going on with the new crap about the emails needs to be widely circulated, especially the last paragraph on Republican intimidation of the FBI:

Here's the quick backstory: In July, FBI Director James Comey concluded a year-long investigation by deciding not to go forward with any case about Hillary's emails. It wasn't even a close call, he said. In his words, "no reasonable prosecutor" would have brought charges.

Yesterday, in a surprise to us all, Comey wrote a very strange letter to Congress that was long on innuendo and short on facts. He said that in a completely separate investigation, the FBI had found some emails that may or may not be related to Hillary, and indeed may or may not be significant at all.

It's since been reported that these emails may not have even been sent by or to Hillary; that they weren't withheld by Hillary or the campaign in the earlier investigation; and most or even all of them may be duplicates of emails already in the FBI's possession.

It's being reported that Comey sent this letter over the objections of Department of Justice officials who told him that it was inconsistent with longstanding policy of both Democratic and Republican administrations not to take action that might impact an election. It's an unprecedented intrusion into a close presidential election with 10 days until Election Day.

But by being vague and obfuscating, Comey opened the door to conspiracy theories, Republican attacks against Hillary, and a surge of fundraising for Trump and his team. So this bears repeating: There is no evidence of wrongdoing, no charge of wrongdoing, and no indication that any of this even involves Hillary.

Voters deserve answers.

Comey needs to come clean with the American people about what he found and answer all the questions about why he took this unprecedented step less than two weeks before the election.

Here's what this changes for you and this campaign: Absolutely nothing.

Trump has spent more than a year trying to bully his way to the presidency. He's been browbeating the FBI (indeed, many have speculated that Comey took this extraordinary action in part to reduce the pressure on his agency that Trump's campaign and his Republican Congressional allies has been building up), leading crowds in chants of "lock her up," and even saying Hillary should be in prison -- and if he won, he'd put her there.

Please pass this on.

The thing with the whole email situation is federal email is not secure, period--don't forget last year's huge OPM breach. The technology is new and we're not up to keeping it secure--it's a game of whack a mole and will be for a long time, not because government is bad--it's just necessarily too large and wide-ranging to secure with all the agencies, departments, and contracting companies they have to go back and forth between and all the work that has to be done to keep servers communicating and myriad sources secure.

And everyone's email is all over the place--if any other government official was investigated like Hillary has been, they would be found wanting in confidentiality protocols as well. It's such a non-issue the Republicans have used to undermine her credibility and it is no reason to mistrust her, period.

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Autumn Tiffany Homage

These trees by the lake last week were doing their best impression of Tiffany stained glass windows. I think they did a very good job. BTW, you can click on the pic to embiggen it.

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Late afternoon autumn light

I love how the late afternoon light in autumn brings out hints of purple in the tree trunks as it turns the rest of the yellowing world golden. Especially in the woods on this end of the lake.

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Here, have some Autumn . . .

Approaching the lake several days ago . . .

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Good for People and For Cats

Finally, a campaign slogan for my whole family!

I told [personal profile] baranduin I'd post the whole quote this came from, so here it is:

On 10/13/16, Marina Fang of the Huffington Post quoted Hillary Clinton:

“'It makes you want to turn off the news. It makes you want to unplug the internet or just look at cat GIFs,' Mrs. Clinton told donors in San Francisco on Thursday, making her first remarks on Mr. Trump’s treatment of women since several came forward to accuse him.

'I’ve watched a lot of cats do a lot of weird and interesting things,” she said, drawing a few laughs. “But we have a job to do. And it’ll be good for people and for cats.'”

I think "Good for People and For Cats" makes a great bumper sticker.

I'm a lot more hopeful these days that we'll get Hillary for president in 2 weeks, but I'm nasty like that. I'm with purrrr!!!

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Goodbye, Sweet Mews1945

mews1945's spirit flew away on the high winds heralding in the autumn cold today, in a wave of the first brightly colored leaves, so attuned to the seasons as she was. I wish it weren't today and she was here longer. I wish I could have taken her to Braughers again. Safe passage, dear friend.


I can't upload some of the older pics I'd like to include, so this one will have to do for now. I love this pic of her focusing with hobbity attention on her rare ice cream treat when we saw her this spring, such a joy it was to be there with her.

Namarie, sweetie.

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Tuxie Care

I'm going to attempt to do a blood glucose curve on Tuxie this weekend.

I managed to do a first reading tonight--starting this has been a big fear and procrastination conquered, with more poking of the poor baby. But fear of failing him overcame fear of lancing him and learning a new tech tool. But he hasn't been well and I'm worried about him. We see the vet on Tuesday. I'd like to have a good curve reading (testing his blood glucose levels every couple of hours throughout the day) to bring in with us.

Please send good thoughts our way.

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Belated Birthday Greetings

A very happy belated birthday to elwenlj!!! I know you've had a good one with [personal profile] febobe--may it be the beginning of an awesome year for you.

Autumn settling in today at Greenbelt Lake

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Just starting to turn . . .

I had a nice weekend. Yesterday morning I lead a hike with a few members of my group for older lesbians around Greenbelt Lake a couple of times. Then we had lunch at the Silver Diner. I was wiped and achy for the rest of the day and was just lazy.

I took another walk around the lake today and then [personal profile] zlabya and I went to see The Queen of Katwe, a sweet uplifting film about a girl of Katwe, a slum of Kampala, Uganda, who becomes a chess champion. Formula upward mobility tale, excepting its not about white men, and nicely done, and what a beautiful new actress for the lead, Madina Nalwanga, and with the gorgeous Lupita Nyong'o as her mother.

So here's pics I took the last couple of days, if you'd like to come along:

Just a couple of trees are turning so far, and this is one.

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Sequential Birds and US Politics

The Guardian had an interesting spread today of a photographer's work on the flight path of birds through sequential photos. I'm paging lbilover on this one.

And if you're not following Nate Silver's site featuring election poll data, he wrote up a very interesting article on the differences in the electoral map if only men or only women were voting, with brief musings on science fictional scenarios for voting being restricted to women only. Well done, Nate, well done. Those maps say an awful lot.

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Happy Birthday, [personal profile] supergee and Happy Belated Birthday, [personal profile] misschili!!! I hope they are the start of great years for you.

Here, have some excellent cats!!!

Tuxie and Moo in proximity, engaging in their strenuous morning routine.

Mooshka and her very pink ear interiors.


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One Year Post-Saki

I lost my Saki a year ago tonight. No, it's not so sharp anymore--she belongs to the past now. I so miss her bright sparkle in my life, but I'm so grateful she made it to 17 and I had 16 good years with her.

I think this is my favorite pic of her: Smiling Saki Owning her Mouse and Me.

I've uploaded below a 4 pic pre-digital fight sequence with her best sparring partner, her big sis Milli, who left several years before her. Maybe they are having fun sparring even now in a sunny corner in Primroses:

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A Mermaid and Cat Lovin' Birthday

For my sister in mermaid and cat loving, Happy Birthday, [personal profile] claudia603!!! I hope you have had a most excellent day off and Helo and Merlin have been good cuddle buddies to start you off in a year full of love and happiness!!!! Here's some pics I found that I had to share with you:


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Eep, late Birthday greeting!!!

Happy Belated Birthday, [personal profile] hederahelix!!!! I hope it was the beginning of a great year for you of good health, fun, and way better air travel karma, my friend!!!

Here are some rose of sharon blooms to put on your cyber table. *hugs*

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2 for Birthdays!!!

Happy birthday, romeny and ladysnaps!!!

Here's some ElijahBlue reflected skies in Greenbelt Lake to brighten your day.

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Bagginess Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday to Bilbo, Frodo, and especially, oft forgotten, early draft Bingo!!!

I went on a very Shire-like hike on Saturday morning in the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area in Howard County, and saw some things that should accompany the Bagginess on all their hikes.

Woods full of ferns and mosses gentle on the feet.

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Birthday Spam!!!

Happy Birthday, lbilover!!!!! I hope it is a wonderful one, my friend! I bring you turtles (various sliders and snappers) and wood ducks from Greenbelt Lake to help you celebrate. May your year be full of love and happiness.

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My bedroom ac is not working again. It just makes everything so much harder. I hate everything.

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